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Step into the lives of six artists sculpting South Africa’s future from the fragments of a tumultuous past. Born in different areas of the formerly-segregated country, the artists separately recraft history and the impacts of apartheid in their own artistic languages.  How does creative expression traverse the divide?


Sweat.Xpedition featuring Spoek Mapthambo and Markus Wormstorm

Sweat.Xpedition featuring Markus Wormstorm and Spoek Mapthambo

Ongama Mona in Observatory, Cape Town

Ongx Mona in Observatory, Cape Town

Graffiti artist Faith47

Faith47 in Cape Town at the start of her Freedom Charter series

The Creators was shot and edited entirely by South Africans, the majority of whom were trained while on the job and now work professionally in South Africa’s burgeoning film industry.

After The Creators screened at the Margaret Mead Film Festival in New York, Mthetho (also known as Mteto) gave a TedxTeen talk…

…followed by a song (captured via cell phone from an audience member below).