Aragon exists to disintermediate organizational structures using blockchain technology.  If “decentralized governance” is Greek to you, you can learn more about Aragon here:

We were lucky enough to team up with Aragon at the Ethereum Developers Conference (DevCon3) where we interviewed the incredible people featured in this ongoing Aragon film series.  Among our interviewees were Placeholder Ventures Cofounder Chris Burniske, Kenny Rowe of the Dai Foundation, Coinbase Cofounder Fred Ehrsam, Founder Griff Green, CoinFund Cofounder Jake Brukhman, DistrictOx Cofounder Joe Urgo, Melonport CEO and Cofounder Mona El Isa, Ethereum cofounder and AKASHA founder Mihai Alisie, Zeppelin Solutions CTO Manuel Araoz, and the entire Aragon team.

Part I of the series, “Reimagine Governance,” explores the organizational possibilities created by decentralized structures:

These short films were produced in collaboration with Metamension and Protagonist Productions.  We worked with the talented painter and editor Paraic Mc Gloughlin to create the featured match cut sequences.  For a closer look at his awe-inspiring work, check out Paraic’s teaser:




Directed by: Bernard Myburgh & David Franciscus
Executive Produced by: Tatu Kärki, Maria Gómez & Laura Gamse
Line Producer: Marle Struwig
Edit & Visual Effects: David Franciscus, Bernard Myburgh & Laura Gamse
Additional VFX: Dylan Scullard & David Oosthuizen
Matchut Sequences: Pariac Mc Gloughlin
Camera Crew: Peter Smuts & Ross Davis
Production Crew: Morne’ Eilers, Zaahir Cassiem, Waldo van Wyngaard, Lee Van Der Vindt
Aerials: Junaid Samaai
Music: AlphaWolfKiller99, The Midnight