As a young abstract expressionist artist in Nassau, Bahamas in the early 1950s, Kendal Hanna is not accepted by his island community as a “real” artist.  He leaves to study in New York, where he’s exposed to psychedelic drugs and soon finds himself not only deported, but committed to a mental hospital back in Nassau.  He is told that he must remain in the mental institution for life.  When he demands to leave, a doctor tells him that he has only one chance at being eventually released: electric shock therapy.  Two years later, after a draconian amount of electric shock therapy, he is released.  Ostracized by his family and community, Hanna stays in an industrial building with no electricity, sleeping on piles of canvases.  When Hanna is discovered decades later, an art dealer describes his room as “a gold mine” full of paintings and Hanna finds that his bedding is worth a fortune to the modern art world.  International video artists contribute their work to Brigidy Bram in order to piece together Kendal’s life story.